Monday, May 17, 2010

The pneumothorax is half the size it was on Friday and I feel correspondingly better. The PowerPort feels more like a part of me so I am ready for the next device. Tomorrow, John and I will head for Spokane where I will have an intraperitoneal port placed as an outpatient. If all goes well, we will return to Lewiston, John to home and I to St. Joe's to start the chemotherapy. I'll be there for 2 days, then home.

Still feeling a bit like I am playing hooky. I was treated to lunch today with Missy and had a great time. Still anxious to get started; I guess the time is finally here.


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  1. Kay - my friend Jean Altmiller gave me the link to your website. Thank you for sharing your journey in such a public way. Many of the residents I serve at Juniper Meadows are your patients. We will all be keeping you in our prayers. God will be with you on this journey. Theresa Wessels