Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Here we go again.

I can't believe it has been over a year since I have posted anything.  At that time  was aware that I had a chemical recurrence but no other signs of the cancer.  So I waited, remaining free of symptoms.
But I kept busy.  In March, Caitlin and I met in San Francisco for our second annual girl's weekend with my mom.  In April, John and I drove back and forth to Missoula where my 90-year-old aunt was hospitalized following colon cancer surgery.  She is back in Salmon now and doing well.
In July John spoke to a meeting in Anchorage where I joined him as spouse.  While there we took a day long glacier tour of Prince William Sound.
I was still feeling great.
The end of July we flew to Budapest where we boarded a river boat headed to Amsterdam.  The next two weeks were filled with great food and sites along the Danube, Main and Rhine rivers.  It was HOT!! Over 100 degrees for the first few days of the cruise.  Sampling local beers at each stop kept us cooled down.  Though I enjoyed it all, my favorite experience of the trip was climbing up a 400 year old windmill in Holland.
Still no symptoms.
On return from Germany we decided to get a dog having been pet free since  the lovely lab Lola  died at Christmastime.  Robby, a 10 pound terrier mix, came home with us from the animal shelter.  He is affectionate, energetic, well behaved and requires several walks a day.  Mom calls him the perfect dog, and he just about is.
In October we joined John's brother and sister-in-law in Boston for the annual brother's get-together.  Managed to enjoy a lot of marvelous food and wine, some great fall foliage and big city culture. Highlights included John Singer Sargent's water colors at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the "Three Baritone's" production down town.
We returned home and I still had no symptoms.
However, during my second routine colonoscopy a tumor was found squeezing my intestinal tract down to a tiny passage way. This proved to be ovarian cancer declaring its presence again.  Before I knew it I was in Spokane again having an operation to remove the cancer and parts of my small and large intestines.
Maybe some of the occasional pain I was having in my lower right side was not just constipation.
My course was complicated by a re-admission for partial small bowel obstruction .During the hospital stay one of my friends looked at me and remarked, "It is not as easy the second time, is it?"
Which was precisely how I was feeling.
Now I am home, recovering well, eating and without significant pain.  And ready to fight the Bear again.