Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More great news! My CT scan and Ca 125 results are still normal!

Strangely, after half expecting an early recurrence, suddenly I must live assuming myself to be cancer free. Long term plans can be made with some expectation that I will see them come to fruition. I can't ignore my cholesterol any more. I'll miss those occasional hamburgers and fries. And I really need to return to exercising.

With the recent abnormally warm weather (record high temperature this past Sunday) I've been called to the garden. Lola loves having the chance to chase a tennis ball, too. The front yard is going to be so manicured by springtime... The squirrels are everywhere, searching for walnuts buried in the fall and eating the berries still remaining on our bushes. Even the birds are starting to get noisier.

Next testing, April.