Monday, April 18, 2011

Another three month check is behind me. There is still no sign of recurrent cancer. When I got the news last week I felt like celebrating. Lucky the weekend was coming up. Perhaps after July I will only need to go through the anxiety every 6 months. In May John and I will travel to Turkey with 7 or 8 others as guests of Pacifica Institute. Once we arrive in Istanbul we will put ourselves in our guide's hands and leave the rest to him. Intriguing e-mails about Ottoman history show up in my in box every 2 or 3 days. I must admit I know little about the country. Not too long after our return we head to Taiwan on the trip we missed last year due to my cancer diagnosis. Taipei has some marvelous museums. John will have meetings with officials having to do with international trade. What a difference a year makes. On April 21st I had my tumor removed, easy to remember as it was also the day of the explosion leading to the huge Gulf oil spill. I have vague memories of viewing footage of the burning platform as I recovered from the anesthetic. The Gulf and I both had a rough summer. I continue to be thankful for every day, my weight has almost returned to pre-cancer levels (boo), my neuropathy really is improving and gardening season is here. What more could I ask for?