Friday, May 14, 2010

It's been quite a week. My Purple Power Port (it really is purple) went in Wednesday. This is a catheter that goes into a large vein in my chest and allows medications and IV fluids to go in without my having to have the veins in my hands and arms repeatedly poked. Definitely a blessing. However, I did have a small complication. Air leaked from my lung into the space around my lung causing chest pain. This is called a pneumothorax and sometimes requires a chest tube to clear. Luckily the amount of air was relatively small and seems to be clearing on its own. I'll know more after I get the results of today's chest x-ray. Of note, the BLUE color of the antiseptic painted on my chest.

So, instead of driving to Spokane on Thursday morning for another port placement, I visited the emergency department. Luckily it was an air leak and not a blood clot. On that positive note, I went to coffee with John and friends at the Sage Bakery, a luxury for me, and one that makes me feel like I am on vacation.

Placement of the port that will allow chemotherapeutic meds to be put in my abdomen has been rescheduled for next Tuesday in Spokane. That evening I'll enter St. Joe's Hospital for the first chemotherapy. If there are no more unscheduled events!

Friends and family have been so supportive; I am overwhelmed. Thank you to everyone.

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