Monday, May 24, 2010

I was hungry today!! My excellent chef made me French toast for breakfast, steak and sprout sandwich for lunch and wonderful asparagus risotto for dinner. It was nice to enjoy food again.

I had a followup x-ray today to make sure the air leak is gone. It is no longer causing symptoms so I assume it is. In fact, everything seems to be working well today, though I remain weak.

After dinner we walked around the block, then discovered some weed pulling that needed to be done. The exercise felt good on this beautiful spring evening.


  1. Hi Kay,
    Glad that you got your appetite back and could enjoy the food. Your chef sure does make appetizing meals!

    Any idea what caused the airleak in the first place or just a complication?

    We spent the weekend moving Kath back home. We have set up the basement as a apartment. One of her friends came over and they have it well set up after a day.

    Today I'll be heading off to the hospital to be of assistance for Glory (best friend in neighborhood) who will start her chemo for ovarian cancer. Her belief is it's the result of multiple years of infertility treatment.

    It's been unusually hot here...95 yesterday! AND very humid. Crazy weather. Great for tomatoes to ripen if it was August!

    David is currently in the stated that yesterday he planned to golf at a course that is reputedly the highest in the world. At least it is cooler in the mountains.

    Susan really likes her new clinic and is learning a lot. Building more confidence.

    Glad to hear Caitlin is coming home for the weekend. Nice that she has the new job that allows her to have weekends off. How long of a drive is it?

    Well, best go. Know that we keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We lit candles everyday for you in churches in Italy when we were there.

    Love, Joanne

  2. I trust your excellant chef, is also excellant with dishwashing. I am glad that you had a decent day. Keeping you in my prayers. Heidi

  3. Well after the lengthy email I sent from work, I decided to come home and try to post a comment. Turns out I am not technically challenged after all the site appears to be blocked from Blogging at work. Probably a good thing for productivity but I was totally stumped the last few days!

    I love reading about your progress so please keep blogging. It allows us to know what you have been up to and how you are feeling without being too intrusive in your days. I imagine it also should be saving you repetitive conversations and Q & A sessions.

    Well as I mentioned in my email Kim and I would love to fix a meal for you guys. Just let us know what you are up for and we will bring it over. I am so glad you have an apetite at the moment. Eat and enjoy! We can save your master chef a few hours of slaving over the stove but unfortunately he will be on his own for the after meal clean up ;)

    Keep blogging and know you are both in our prayers.

  4. We are still trying to understand the blog site--let us know if you see the comments.

    Yes, the pneumothorax was due to a little knick of the pleura during the port placement. I guess it happens more often in thin patients.
    The repeat xray shows it almost completely gone.
    Caitlin and her friend are planning on leaving after work and driving up. It takes 5.5-6 hours, but she can stop in New Meadows if she is tired.
    How did David end up in the Himalayas?

    Thanks for the offer of food, it is always welcome. I do not know if we need it this week. Kay says that she is too medicated to respond to your voice mail today, but can talk tomorrow...

    thanks friends