Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another posting by surrogate. Kay is lying in bed awaiting another intraperitoneal chemo infusion (into her abdomen). Then back on the rotisserie, turning every 15 minutes for two hours to distribute the medication throughout the abdomen. If things go well, back home tomorrow.

So far, we have been pleased by how well Kay is tolerating the procedures and drugs. But she gets really snockered from antinauseants, pain and sedative medication. And in spite of the excellent cooking (from friends and her "resident chef") she is loosing more weight than she expected. Fatigue is /was expected, but likely was worse due to low serum potassium noted this morning with her pre-infusion blood draw.

This will be the final dose for this cycle, then a week to rest. Caitlin (our daughter) is coming home this weekend which should be nice. Well, we should have a week to try to fatten Kay up some.....


  1. Dear surrogate, and Kay, keep up the positive vibes. Caitin will see to it that you will continue as you have, to help her mother, "fatten up". I have always admired "Dr. Kay" for her steath appearance, however, now is the time for some serious piggin out. A week of rest, family and good cookin (and cleaning) on surrogates part should be an uplifting event. Again if there is anything I can do, besides smarting off, please contact me at 743-6758. Sometimes, just having someone go to the store, or ----whatever, helps. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. ps-- I remember when Dr. Kay would bring Caitlin to do rounds,, it was so cute, Caitlin was in the strollar and Kay did her rounds. It wasn't so long ago, well Maybe it was. Anyway, God bless you guys, as ever, Heidi

  2. Kay and John - Thank you for the frequent blog updates that let us know how things are going. It's also great to read the comments and generous offers of help from friends. No doubt you two have inspired such love and loyalty through many years of helping others. As a friend from far away and long ago, please know that the circle of care and prayers for both of you is expansive.

    Be sure to let me know when Kay's ready for a box of chocolates and I'll have Sees deliver her favorite ones!

    Lynn & Dan

  3. Kay - This will be a 'Blast from the Past', but by chance I spoke to Heidi a couple of days ago and she told me of your news and your blog. I have caught up and followed the last few days and I had to say hello. Though your diagnosis was a shock, your calm demeanor and display of inner strength was not. For those nine years we stood side by side dealing with the stresses imposed by trying to inject ourselves into the problems of others, I learned the intelligence and power you possess to cope and to overcome adversity. It was a long time ago, but I was always completely confident in you then, and remain so now. We haven't talked in a long time, but the Kay Rusche I remember shines on. Thank you for your insight and the inspiration you give for us all, for the tests we will also face. Now that we are in Walla Walla, maybe we can even get together this summer! Brad Johnson

  4. Kay and John: Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Your strength and solid faith will guide you both through this journey. We just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you both and very thankful for this blog to be able to keep up with your progress. Jim and Nancy Sattler