Sunday, May 23, 2010

Got out to do a little gardening and raking though I must admit that I did not last long. I'm pretty tired and my face is hot and red, probably from the decadron. That med ends tomorrow. I haven't needed pain meds today, nor anything for queasiness but my baseline nausea meds.

Great news! Caitlin and her friend Valerie will be driving up to visit on Memorial day. It will be great to see them. We hope to return the visit the next week, my "week off."

John made pea soup that was great and perfect for the state of my stomach. Much to my surprise, coffee hasn't appealed much yet. Sleep is good, except for heartburn last night. I look forward to feeling better day by day, with the support of family and friends. Then back for more chemo on Wednesday.


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  1. Hi Kay –

    I tried to get into the 21st century on Saturday by writing on your blog, but it all disappeared in an instant when I tried to define my profile. Today I’m writing a draft in another program so that I can copy it as many times as it takes to get it right. :-)

    I’m so glad to be able to read your blog and see how you’re doing almost day-to-day. Hooray for getting this far without too much pain, nausea, etc. I am amazed that you’re out working in the garden, but I know that’s good for the soul so rake away!

    On Friday I had a lecture to attend in Oklahoma City so Dan took the day off too and we headed that direction about 9:30 am. My lecture was 12 – 1 pm and very worthwhile. Oklahoma may get to be one of three states chosen for a pilot project doing trauma-informed training throughout child welfare. We’ve done a lot of work in this area through our Coalition and I’m delighted they will be taking it statewide.

    In the afternoon we went to Stuart’s house where we jumped into his car to go and get Isabelle from child care. When we arrived at her room, I searched all the little faces until I found hers. The last one, of course, and she recognized me at the same instant. She audibly sucked in air and came running to me and jumped up in my arms over the top of the half-door. Well, that made my day, you can be sure! We snuggled a bit and then she moved on to hug Dan.

    On Saturday morning Kitt had to work because of a recent hail storm that left many victims needing services. She works for the United Way and coordinates volunteers so she had a busy day facilitating case management functions to identify specific needs. Stuart, Dan, Isabelle and I headed off for the zoo mid-morning and spent about three glorious hours looking at all the animals. The zoo was packed with families, which was a wonderful sight. At 2 pm Dan and I headed for home – hot and tired, but greatly satisfied.

    On Sunday, Stuart flew his refueling tanker to Fairbanks, AL on his way to Okinawa and a city in Malaysia. He’ll be gone until June 9th and is looking forward to the trip. He’ll be in Japan for six days of sightseeing and then will be in a hotel on the beach for five days in Malaysia. In between the R&R he’ll be refueling C-130s, which don’t have the range to get around that part of the world without extra fuel.

    Guess that’s all the news from here. We look forward to keeping up with you and wish you the best possible “adventure.” Have a great Memorial Day with Caitlin and friend.

    Love to you and John,
    Lynn & Dan