Thursday, May 27, 2010

Never would I have believed that I would feel so much better the day after chemotherapy than the day before. It all started Monday after some diarrhea, minimal, really. I became progressively weaker and unwilling to move around. There was no pain, no nausea, no fever, so what was going on? Then I had several bad nights of sleep. By yesterday morning I was pretty discouraged, especially since there was more chemotherapy due. But, a little lab work revealed that my potassium was low and I hadn't been drinking enough fluids. So They gave me what is called a potassium rider, then went ahead and put 2 liters (over 2 quarts) of salt water into my abdomen. This included the Taxol. Once again it was "turn, turn, turn." By the time the potassium was in I felt great. After leaving the hospital I tooled around town with John thoroughly enjoying myself.

Overall the treatment has gone so well that I will be able to eliminate at least one day of hospital stay during the next cycle.

Being at St. Joe's has allowed me to stay close to home and have nurses I have worked with for years take care of me. It is comfortable to see familiar faces every where. I am in good hands.



  1. Kay - Thanks for the good news today! I'm so glad that you're feeling better, just in time to enjoy Caitlin's visit this weekend. Hugs, Lynn

  2. Kay, Just wanted you to know that I have my final Taxol on Tuesday and I'm here to tell you that it has all gone by very quickly. You will be done before you know it! ...Hang in there, Kathy

  3. Dr. Kay, sunny skies are in the forcast! oh s---, I am really not profiecient in finding stuff on a keyboard, except for letters. Just think-- your baby is arriving soon. Enjoy, hopefully, John will make some good eats for you all. My advice?, eat a banana a day, not an apple. Hugs Heidi