Thursday, June 17, 2010

Low potassium is terrible. And potassium pills are huge and hard and liable to cause nausea. However, for all of you Idaho folks, guess what vegetable leads in potassium content? That's right, the potato. Bananas are nowhere near as high. John has been feeding me potato chips and fried potatoes since I returned home from the last round of chemo. I'm a little bit less wimpy today. Plus I was able to eat a huge plate of spaghetti for lunch. Mmmmm.

For any one who has to do this rotisserie thing in the future, it is possible to eat an ice cream sandwich while rolling from side to side.

I had the urge the other day to whip off my wig and compare my shaved head with Pastor Josh's. At that point I think his hair was longer than mine, though. I wonder if these sudden urges are a side effect of something?

Finally, on discharge the nurses urged me to eat a heart healthy diet. That's hard to do as I should not eat or peel thin skinned raw fruits or vegetables when my white count is low. As before during this week I crave pasta with spaghetti sauce and barbecue ribs!



  1. Hi Kay - I'm glad to find a new message on the blog today and to know that you're getting through the second round of chemo. Eating lots of spuds sounds like a good idea for the potassium and between meals you can play Mr. Potato Head, in keeping with the theme of the week.

    Tomorrow Dan heads to the Pensacola area for two weeks to install some new simulators. Not sure he has the heart to drive near the beaches. One colleague is in Ft. Walton this week and Dan told me he saw nothing on the beach, but he found oil on his body after swimming in the ocean.

    I'm headed west to Phoenix tomorrow for five days with Kappa girlfriends. I'm ready for a little R&R and will order a potato or two in your honor.

    Take care and I'll check in with you after I get back next Wednesday night.

    Hugs to you and John,

  2. That spaghetti sauce is high in potassium too. Potatoes, bananas, dried apricots... and don't forget your friend, the avocado. Sky high.

    Enjoying your perspective- I have 2 friends on chemo right now that I am going to send your address to.