Monday, June 7, 2010

Having been chastised by several family members, I return to blog again!

John and I traveled to Boise over the time my white count was at its nadir. I really missed sharp cheese and thin skinned fruit, both of which I was supposed to avoid. I didn't miss cleaning up after the dog.

While in Boise there was one wonderful almost-summer day when we took a bike ride. On the same day we visited Caitlin at work in the Meridian city hall. Later had a delicious dinner with Caitlin in downtown Boise. It was also the last day I appeared in public with my own hair. I had been waking up lying in a pool of loose hair; it was time to shop for a wig. Angels in you Corner is a shop for women with hair loss for any reason. Under the supervision of a cute 15 month old girl, one of the owners picked out 8 or 10 wigs for me to try. It was hard to decide. Then I tried on one that made me smile. So I left with a spiky wig and a soft cap to wear at night.

We returned home Saturday in time for John to play in the Gina Quesenberry golf tournament, proceeds to benefit women with breast cancer. His team came in first! Meanwhile my rapidly thinning hair made me look sicker than I feel. Today I wore the wig for the first time and immediately felt healthier and happier. Mom had offered to buy me a wig. I wasn't sure I wanted one. Mom was right (darn it).

I got to be the caregiver today as John had his third colonoscopy. His dad died of colon cancer and John has had polyps (including some today). The prep made him feel terrible. He felt much better after some soup and whole grain bread when he got home from the procedure.

Today is day 21, tomorrow day 1 of the second course of chemotherapy.



  1. Mothers are always right. YOUR NEW "DO" IS DARLING!!

  2. Thanks for the update. Your new hair is so cute! Love it. Makes me think about getting one for those 'bad hair days'! Don't you just love it when mother is right? (My girls are commenting on when I appear in their conversations with friends and I'm not even there...guess they were listening!) Be blessed with a good next round...and keep hydrated!

  3. When my mom was being treated for breast cancer, she purchased a "Dolly Pardon" wig and came out with it on along with extra padding to match the image. Let me know if you tire of that cute hairstyle. I am sure that we can round up Mom's treasure. Will continue to send healing thoughts your way during this next round!

  4. I LOVE the wig. You might consider that "look" when you have your own hair again. Am thinking about and praying for you today. Hope all goes without a hitch. Am bringing dinner on Friday so I will call in the afternoon as to the time.

  5. Your new hair is darling. Thanks for keeping your friends and family updated on the blog. Hope your next round of chemo goes well. I'll be praying for you and looking forward to more posts.

  6. The new do is adorable. Hoping for successful treatment for you. Remember my mom (and your patient) Lorraine when you need a little inspiration! She's an 7+ year ovarian cancer survivor and counting - and almost 96 years old!