Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love came to me in many ways this week. There were smiling faces at my door at the hospital, the gentle touches of my nurses, my hand held in friendship and prayer. There were Rosie's ribs, pasta salad, tomato soup and sauteed chicken with pilaf and carrots. And chocolate chip cookies. Love came in the mail from friends, on the cell phone from distant family and in John's kiss on my cheek. How lucky I am. Thanks to you all.

Today is a "weak" day, not unexpected after my first cycle of treatment. I may stop down for lab work tomorrow to see if I need another potassium infusion. Otherwise I feel pretty well and have little nausea or pain. My pile of already read books is growing steadily and I've just started Netflix. I have found my two pound weight and in the next few days plan to start strengthening my arms.

Meanwhile , I enjoy the scent of the petunias as I step out the front door and try to ignore the weeds.



  1. You are a gifted writer, in addition to your many other talents. Glad to hear you are experiencing joy, love and gratitude, even on "weak" days.

  2. Kay - Your writing yesterday tells us you are brimming with life, even during these trying times. I wonder if this blog doesn't help your friends as much as it helps you. . . your positive attitude inspires me and reminds me that life is a precious and joyous gift. This week I'll carry you in my pocket, the one that's over my heart. Love, Lynn

  3. You are an inspiration Kay. I appreciate your wise comments and wonderful view of life. Reading your blog helps me stop and realize how special life is, especially shown in our relationships with family and friends, and in our ability to appreciate the glorious earth around us. I gues that's what separates us from the animals! I'm so pleased your treatment is progessing well and that you are so cared for.

  4. Kay-I just recently heard about your situation and that you had this blog going. How wonderful of you to share what you are going through as many people care about you and are inspired as you move through your course of treatment. You sound very positive about this whole ordeal so that is wonderful. Attitude is half the battle, as you well know. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you beat this nasty disease. Thanks for sharing your battle with your family, friends, and acquaintenaces. I worked with you for many years and so hope you can overcome this horrible burden. I was there, too, but hopefully caught it in time. I know how scary this feels.