Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It has been a great week. I have felt great and my energy level is almost normal.

John had his campaign kick-off at Sage Bakery. We got to talk to a lot of old friends and supporters. The next night we attended Relay for Life for the first time. Seeing friends and patients all fighting cancer together on the track as we lined up for the Survivors Lap was incredibly uplifting and inspiring. The cheers and applause from the supporting crowd even more so. I won't miss that event in the future.

The summer has finally come and I have been able to spend much of every day outside in the yard weeding and making other changes to the landscape. We drove to Grangeville for the Idaho County Democrat's picnic and pie auction Sunday and came home with two pies and a beautiful mosaic trivet. The group has adopted John as one of their own as they haven't been able to get a Dem into the legislature. The weather was ideal, a glorious warm day with brilliant blue sky and a few fluffy cumulus clouds. We watched a group of preteens having a prolonged water fight at the park.

Why do I have dandruff despite having essentially no hair on my scalp??? Is that fair? The lack of leg hair is a plus, however.

Yesterday I started round 3 of chemotherapy with Taxol. I'm now waiting for the IP cis-plat and have already eaten my ice cream sandwich. Ready for the rotisserie and feeling optimistic.



  1. Kay - It's so good to get your update today . . . I was almost ready to call and check on you. The fact that you've had such a great week makes my spirits soar. Thanks for the picture and the good news. Is next week your week with no treatment? If so, will you boogie down to Boise again?

    Happy 4th of July to you and John!

    Lynn and Dan

  2. No, this is the start of the 3 week cycle. Another treatment next Tuesday. We do plan on heading to Boise after that. We just finished the "good" week, and it was really nice. It makes me happy to see her more active (and eating up a storm). This next week is the one that isn't quite as much fun. Happy Forth to you guys too.

  3. Thanks, John, for the schedule update. I agree that it looks as though Kay has put back on a few of the pounds she lost. The smile on her face says it all and I know she's lucky to have such a wonderful caregiver. xxoo, Lynn

  4. lots of VMC people, have been concerned that you are posting your "blog stuff" a little bit slower that they would like to see. Just an FYI. Some of us understaznd. This particular pictorial addition is just soooooooooooooooooo cute. Anyhow, Kay and John, thank-you. Prayers are flying, good food is around the corner(as well as best wishes), I hope that all will be good for you two, keep the chins up, Heidi

  5. Dr. Rusche, I am so pleased to find your blog and hear how well you are doing. As one of your long time patients, I know I speak for all of your patients when I say that you are being so missed at VMC. Up until today, when Heidi told me about the ovarian cancer and also about your blog, whenever I have asked anyone at VMC about your absence, the only response I've gotten is "We are not at liberty to talk about it." So, sad as I was to hear about the cancer that you are dealing with, at least we now know why our favorite doc is missing. And I want to thank you so much for this blog. Your willingness to share your experience and your upbeat attitude is an inspiration to all of us. Yes, you are deservedly blessed to have John and others as such good caretakers and to discover how loved you are by so many. You are in my daily prayers and we are looking forward to your joyous return to your practice soon. Now that I have discovered this wonderful blog, I will be continuing to follow your progress.