Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer may be here. The rain was BORING. Plus we now have gullies in the driveway.

This week has gone well. The IV Taxol given at the cancer center resulted in no apparent problems. It was nice to be able to go home afterwards. The following day I received the IP Cis-plat and had less pain than before. No iv pain meds needed. Plus I ran in to a number of people I knew who were visiting family and friends elsewhere in the hospital. And, Elizabeth clipped my remaining hair making me very happy. The next day I was home but slept through most of it. Food tastes funny again but most of the nausea has gone.

John had responsibilities at the Democratic State Convention so he arranged for several lovely people to keep me company and bring me food. He'll be back briefly today, then leave tomorrow for McCall and another meeting. Likely story!!!
I can't thank everyone enough for the calls and blog comments as well as the visits and food.

Lola and Sigi have been guarding my recliner, especially around their meal times.


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