Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just passed a wonderful weekend in the company of Joe and Joanne, John's brother and sister-in-law. Being from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, they enjoyed our summer weather ("It's dry heat"). We also got a chance to show off local peaches, highway 12 between here and Orofino, an art show at Dahmen Barn and Michelle's home made bread pudding. We learned how one can calculate the temperature by counting the number of cricket chirps in a minute: (x-40/4) +50. There may be an additional adjustment needed as this is based on the snowy white cricket. They also did yard work and helped John move a couch from down stairs to his office upstairs. Pretty good for 4 days.

Today I received a party hat with instructions (see below, and thank you Lynn , Jan and Dan), shirts from Relay for Life declaring "Cancer Sucks" and two of the original Gothic novels for book club. Getting the mail is never boring. And I feel well loved.

We are heading to Boise later this week, taking advantage of my good week to visit Caitlin and do some politics. Getting close to the end of treatment when I should have more that 10 good days in a row.


  1. Hi Kay -

    I was just talking with Mother on the phone and I pulled up your blog to update her. What a surprise and a treat to find your cheerful news and your fashion photos sporting your new party hat. She got a kick out of hearing your news and now I'm going to send her a printout so she can see the pix. We had a wonderful week in Sacramento together and it seemed to really give her a lift. We ate out, brought food in, had champagne, and other treats not normally available in the assisted living facility. A new haircut and some gladrags helped too. I still wish she lived closer to me because I could do more for her than my sisters, but CA is her home - and, besides, I don't think she'd care for our 105+ degrees today. :-)

    On Monday Stuart is deploying to Qatar again for two months. It'll be 120+ degrees there so the 105 will probably be a happy memory for him. Dan and I are going down for a visit on Saturday and to see what Kitt will need when he's out of town (e.g. babysitting dates, etc.).

    I hope you have a wonderful visit in Boise. Kick up your heels, girl!!

    Love to you and John,

  2. What a great hat! And it looks grand on you! Have a safe trip to Boise.
    Love, PEGGY