Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just home from another rotisserie event. I'm feeling pretty well and have already taken a short walk. Carpet cleaners are here so it FORCED me to work on the blog.

Before I started the fourth cycle of chemo I dug up the iris near the front door. They were so profuse this year that one could hardly walk past them. Also, many of the flowers just bent over and lay on the patio. It gave me a chance to give some away as well as get some exercise. I'll plant a few this evening when it is cooler. They went wild in a small triangular area near the front door and backed by a post supporting the roof of the front porch. It is known as the Gypsy memorial garden. Gypsy was our first yellow lab. I had been babying a dark purple clematis that had come with the house. Gypsy, after watching me weed there, walked over and pulled the whole plant from the ground, effectively destroying it. You can't expect garden perfection when you own a large dog. But you do get lots of good company.

Lola, the current destroyer.


  1. Hi Kay

    Since my friend Shelly did not let me know before this week I could see your blog, I am late posting anything. You have much been in my prayers. You are surely missed. What a wonderful report you can store away for your daughter some day. You are SO BRAVE. May God continue to hold you up day by day. I just heard Joni Erickson talking about her breast cancer and she said "God you already had my whole body, why did you now give me cancer,"? and later was crying on her husbands shoulder saying "I just can't do this" She said she cried for awhile and then said, "No I Can't do this but God can" Hang on to that.blessings, Donna H.

  2. I am finding that Peter Mayle's books are real comfort food for the mind. I would relish a time in south of France with nothing but vineyards all around. :) Keep healing and keep walking. I am just using my cane as of today and it is a freeing feeling.

  3. Dear Kay,
    Am wondering how you are. Four of us sang a quartet at church yesterday. Two easy songs and a small crowd. Just the way I like it. Just finished 1000 days in Venice. Am liking these books about places that I have never visited. But the descriptions of the food and the wine make me want to go off the "wagon". Two more weeks of cumiden, I think. Am walking further w/o my cane, but still want to have it with me like a security blanket. I pray for you and John daily. May God continue to hold you both in his hands.