Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Benefits of hair loss:

No need to wear a shower cap.
Forget the shampoo.
No worry about the last time I shaved when wearing cropped pants.
Forget the hair dryer when traveling.
Cooling off after gardening in the heat is accomplished quickly by removing the wig.

I'm sitting in the Cancer Center getting an infusion, drowsy from the Benadryl pre-infusion med. This is the fourth chemo cycle and I still feel great. We spent a few days in Boise as John had a meeting or two there. It felt like a vacation, very far from hospitals and infusions, and I got to spend time with Caitlin. She gave me a pedicure so my nails are now beautiful. We also learned about a wonderful Thai salad called larb. Tastes much better than it sounds.

There was an article in the paper within the last 2 weeks recommending exercise for cancer patients, even during chemotherapy. Much as I hate to say it, John was right when he tried to get me moving even when I felt miserable. So my goal is to take a walk every day this cycle. It will make Lola happy, too.


  1. Hi Kay - Love your list of benefits :-) and I'm delighted to read that you and John made it to Boise. Getting back into the "real world" for even just a few days and the promise of more happy times there with Caitlin in the near future must be a happy thought when you're plugged in for treatments. Your attitude is inspiring and I hope the walks make you feel even better.

    On Saturday I'm off to Sacramento to visit my mother and family for a week. She's going to have a MOHS treatment of a squamous cell carcinoma on her forehead on Wednesday so we'll have to get a lot of playing in during the first part of the week. I've been through this once before with Bill's mother and it turned out to be a big deal. Hopefully this time things will go easier and we'll be able to play bridge, sip wine and dine out during the last part of my visit too. I'll be in touch again after my trip.

    Love to you and John,

  2. Kay,

    Well, if you can manage to walk during chemo, perhaps I can manage to motivate myself to walk during being lazy.

    Unfortunately neither Buddy nor Echo is well behaved enough to take a walk around here.

    I hope this cycle doesn't take too much out of you.