Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the hospital, finishing the fifth round of therapy. Back in the Pediatrics corner room with a great view of the sunset.

This second week of the cycle has become a bit trying. I went into the ER last night for iv fluids and then back this am for the chemotherapy.

Something new today. My phosphorous was quite low so some of that is running in now. My toes feel as though there are tight bands around the bases of my big toes. Surprisingly this is not painful, just odd. After some correction and the rotisserie routine, I actually feel pretty well. Had chicken and corn for dinner.

The other new thing involves a low blood count. Normally by now it would be near normal; not today. So I will get a white cell stimulating shot tomorrow, promised to give me bone pain. At least I will get to go home. Dietary limitations are in order to avoid unusual infection. This will make my menu much more boring.

Sigi, our 15 year old daschund, is not moving very well. Maybe there is something the vet can do.

John helped.



  1. Hi Kay,

    After so many years of you adjusting other people's body chemistry, it must be so strange to have to watch others work on adjusting yours. Hang on through these hard times.

  2. Dear Kay,
    We are praying and pulling for you. Keep up your great attitude. You, at least, understand all this low phosphorous and low this and high that.I don't know if that is a blessing or not. I read your blog every day with great interest.
    Love, and Blessings,

  3. Dear Kay -

    I was sorry to read about your challenges this week, but know that your super attitude can still make lemonade out of lemons.

    Your dog is probably having sympathy symptoms so John will have to hug both of you at the same time. Between his strong arms and your army of friends who are praying for you, "this too shall pass."

    I'm mailing off a little package for you today and it's wrapped in loving thoughts and tied with ribbons of good wishes.

    Take care and feel better,