Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm in the hospital preparing for rotisserie again. They have put me in a pediatrics room. The advantages include a full wall of windows facing west and the trees across the street as well as more spaciousness. John gets a recliner in this room. Unfortunately, due to yesterday's taxol, lunch tasted like straw. All I can taste is the lemonade; even the mustard was tasteless! It leaves me wondering what to request for dinner.

My red cell blood count is not as good as it seemed so I'll be getting a blood transfusion today. That should help with some of my fatigue. And I won't need as much blush.

Despite all, I am pleased to be getting close to the end of treatment and will be counting the days.



  1. So, either we need to get a better recipe for straw, or start feeding her stuff like curry, hot salsa, sauerbraten and pickles


  2. Hang in there Kay. Chicken curry sounds good. Hmmmm-maybe even roasted chicken breasts, marinated in olive oil, lots of chopped garlic, lots of lemon juice and some rosemary and tyme.

  3. Hi Kay and John,
    Thank you again for a wonderful trip to visit you...we had a wonderful time. Joe and I returned home to 90+ degrees AND unbearable humidity for the last week. What a joy to work in the garden!
    So glad that you enjoyed yourselves in Boise. Your restaurant trip sounded so good I'm thinking we'll check for that kind of venue here.
    Sounds like you could now use a trip to an Indian restaurant for flavor.
    Anyway, wishing you a shorter recovery time post chemo this time and continued stamina to make the finish line!
    Love you lots,