Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boise was hot and dry. The heat-resistant plants we put in survived! We bought some iris at the Boise Saturday market, put them in and then watered them all well. As we left Monday the weather man was threatening thunderstorms. Maybe August won't be completely dry.

Outside the condo is a small park with tall trees. Near the top of one two raptors have built a nest. Birds of Prey thinks it may be a pair of peregrine falcons. They screech in the morning, fly wildly through the complex and perch on some of the surrounding dead trees. Good air show.

We celebrated Caitlin's 25th birthday early by taking her and Valerie to Locavore, a restaurant that tries to serve only locally available food.The beet and barley risotto was our favorite. We also discovered purslane, a delicious salad ingredient also known as pig weed. Imagine our surprise to find that it is growing between the bricks of our front patio here in Lewiston.

Today I am sitting in the Cancer Center preparing to receive IV Taxol. The beginning of the 5th and next to last cycle. I feel I can see the end of the treatments now. I can be optimistic even though the nausea and fatigue last longer with every cycle. Dr. Popham is pleased with my blood counts and the electrolytes are normal. Onward.


  1. Hi Kay -

    I enjoyed reading today's update and knowing that you are getting close to the end of the treatments. Hooray!

    I remember well the turkey vultures we saw in Cody last September as we walked home from the museum and I must say that I'm green with envy about your new condo neighbors in the trees. Did you take any photos?

    All is well here except that it's HOT HOT HOT! This is our least favorite season of the year and, unfortunately, in Oklahoma the heat can last through September. There's nothing to do, but stay indoors or lather on the sun screen if you have to be out and about town.

    We had a great time in Oklahoma City on Saturday with Stuart and his family. He and Isabelle played in their inflatable backyard swimming pool and she's a fish already at 2. Stuart flew out of McConnell AFB in Wichita yesterday afternoon, has a one night stay in England before going on to Doha, Qatar. He'll be back in Wichita on October 12th.

    Kitt asked us to keep Isabelle for two weekends while Stuart is away and you can bet we said YES! We'll have her the last weekends in August and September and I know we'll have to rest up before and after her visit because she'll keep us hopping. I'm going to try to send a video clip from Saturday to your email address so be watching for it.

    Not much else is new here. Your card arrived, but I'm saving it for Thursday. Thank you for remembering. :-)

    Love and hugs to you and John,

  2. Hooray for the last treatment. Your blog has been so uplifting to many of us. God be with you and John during this time. We are all praying for great results at the end.
    Love, PEGGY