Thursday, October 14, 2010

We had fun in Boise, saw Caitlin and had some good food. I also planted some bulbs for spring. Hopefully there will be enough rain and sun for them to bloom. I saw two praying mantises while there; they are supposed to bring good luck, I think.

Last night I went to choir practice for the first time since April. It was great to laugh and sing , though I'm not sure my voice contributed that much. Again I felt the warmth of every one's prayers and good wishes. I'll never take them for granted.

Lola is getting more play time recently as my energy improves. She behaves better if she is a little tired. She gets me outside to do a little yard cleanup, too.

I am starting to make plans to return to work and will be talking to our administrator soon. I won't be able to do all I used to do so it will take some figuring out.

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  1. Kay -

    This is all wonderful news and the best birthday gift anyone could get! I'll be thinking of you - as always - on your special day.