Monday, October 18, 2010

There is new dark fuzz on my scalp and some new hairs in my up until now absent eyebrows. I think I miss my eyebrows even more than my scalp hair. It must be the wig that helps. I am not skilled enough with an eyebrow pencil to fake them.

Meanwhile I am getting stronger. I swept up more leaves today while progressively removing items of clothing to stay cool. It is a beautiful but crisp Fall day. Many of the flowers are still profuse and seem to enjoy being out of the heat, the petunias especially. Little by little I am getting some of the Fall chores done. My main concern is the ivy that has overgrown and threatens to takeover.

Though I miss working, it is a pleasure to get some long neglected chores done. Things are going well.


  1. That sounds so good, I am so happy for you and your family! Don't do to much and get tired out. Thinking of you and wishing you more very good days! Hope you had a good birthday! Tamara

  2. Thank you, Kay, for continuing to keep us posted on your re-entry to the world of your garden. No doubt you cherish every blossom and every leaf that soars in the fall winds.

    This past weekend we babysat Typhoid Mary (Isabelle) and sure enough, we're sick again. I've lost my voice, which will be a trick today because my organization has a two-day retreat starting this afternoon. Dan missed work yesterday, but is headed back in that direction today. Janice flew in from SoCal and we all had a wonderful time together. Stuart and Kitt returned from a brief R&R in Dallas so Sunday dinner was a happy family event. It was worth the bug . . . but enough is enough!

    Thank you for your recent note on the beautiful stationery. Here is the good news from Heidi's 9/30 email:

    "Next week I hope to return to my normal 30 hours a week. The surgery went very well and I went home at noon the day after the procedure. Finally got all my tubes and staples out this week -- what a relief! The pathology report was great with no evidence of tumor at all in the breast tissue and only one of 12 lymph nodes removed showing a slight evidence of cancer. So, I start radiation the week of October 18 for 6 weeks and then will start an estrogen blocker for 5 years. Yikes! But it is good to near the end of the active treatment with such good results. We are finally having days that feel like summer so it is nice to be up and about. Looking forward, too, to the Christmas holidays when both kids will be home....thanks again for thinking of me! Love, Pinky"

    If we're healthy, Dan and I are supposed to go on our train trip to LA next Thursday. Will let you know if we make it and what we think of the overnight on Amtrak. :-)

    Love to you and John,
    Lynn and Dan

  3. Gloria & I had heard about your condition but only were told about your website today. We just want to let you know we are happy to read the cancer is in remission. We do miss you and hope for more good news for you in the future.
    Our Warmest Regards
    Ron & Gloria Galles