Friday, September 24, 2010

Over the last week I have had MRI's of my neck and brain. I heard today that the brain MRI is normal for age (that is a good thing but as a patient I resent the terms!) As I was having some neurological symptoms, it's a big relief. The neck study was also not worrisome showing "degenerative changes," Again terms that the patient would be just as happy not to know, but it basically means arthritis. Finally the result of my post treatment tumor marker is back, Ca-125, at less than 12. Great news.

Now if only I felt better. Friends have shared their experiences and assure me it just takes time. I'll have to regain some patience.



  1. I have lost my rights as a blogger, only can be a commenter, I guess.

    We both feel a lot of relief at the results. The depth of Kay's symptoms this last cycle of chemo made us both anxious that there was something more. The something more is that she got more chemo, so we need to be patient.

    As we drove home I told her that I was going to start pushing her a bit to build herself up. She said that if I did too much she would beat me off with a stick. Well, it would be exercise......


  2. Kay and John - It's a great relief to know the results of the MRIs and to hear that your friends say things will improve with time. Hopefully the good news this week will cheer you up . . . if not, John's strategy will certainly get you movin'. I hope you're feeling well enough to consider the trip next week . . . the change of scenery and the TLC at a B&B might be just the thing to put a little bounce back in your step.

    Love and best wishes for a speedy return to feeling better,
    Lynn and Dan

  3. Post treatment can often be difficult, especially if others expect the end of treatment to mean you are "back to normal" rather than that there is a "new normal". Glad you have others who are sharing experiences, feelings and frustrations. Part of our LiveStrong Manifesto says "Cancer may leave your body, but it never leaves your life." - recognition that it is a life changing experience. Be well...and yes, patient :-).

  4. working with the "old peds docs" in the "olden days", parents were ofton told that the Doctor would, yes indeed, prescribe something for their child. It is called tincture of time. I know that you have the strength to be patient. If John gets too fiesty,be steadfast with your threat. Remind him of his prescription, not too long ago. Heidi

  5. As a person who does not overflow with patience and who has struggled to maintain perspective while healing, I feel a great deal of sympathy. The only thing that works for me is to concentrate on the wonder of what I can do -- even if it is just look out the window at the flowers and the hill -- because I am alive.

  6. Kay, I want to thank you so much for sharing this with all of us who are following your blog. I hope it continues to go well. I think of you often! Wishing that you feel better and stronger soon. I believe patience is the hardest thing of all!!