Sunday, September 19, 2010

In response to many requests and and John's insistence I am back to blog. This time my strength has been slow to come back for some reason. There is painful tingling in my toes and to a lesser extent in my fingers. I understand these my eventually become simply numb, preferable, I guess. My oncologist has ordered an MRI of my neck for Monday thinking something else (disk?) my be making me feel weak.
I've become more interested in foot ball this fall. And old movies. "Second hand Lions" is a great film. I've memorized parts of the Fellowship of the Rings movies. I also traveled along with several train trips in Canada via the DVD. Mother enjoys sending me Laurel and Hardy. Others have sent their favorites, too.
No gardening yet; probably because I don't like fall yard cleanup, right? Actually John has kept the yard looking great.
My vision just recently improved so I can finally read.
I'll let you all know what is found tomorrow.



  1. Make sure you ask for the sedative when you have the MRI; makes it a lot easier.

  2. Thank you, Kay, for making the effort to keep us informed when I know you're not feeling your best. Dan and I have been enjoying old Humprhey Bogart classics so may send along one of those. Take good care of each other and we'll be eager for the next report.


  3. Good morning Kay, My thoughts and prayers are with you today. Take care... sending my love for a special sister(-in-law)! Joanne