Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As each new test further reduced the likelihood of my having recurrent cancer, I relaxed and regained my equanimity. The PET scan did not give a final answer. The needle biopsy produced just some inflammatory cells, no sign of malignancy. However, the new spot remains, and there is no good answer as to what it is.
Meanwhile, I am enjoying working 4 days a week. Mondays remain open for appointments, tests, exercise and just being with my husband. Thanksgiving is coming up(my favorite holiday), and we are starting to plan for Christmas. I try to enjoy each day despite my feeling of uncertainty. A followup CT scan to check on the new spot will occur late this month.


  1. I am daily thinking of you, the leaves have changed color again, nippy air, holidays, good friends, loving family, there is much, much to look forward to. Keep your chin up Kay!

  2. hope things continue to go well for you, Kay. I had a recurrence and just had my 2nd chemo treatment. Doing ok so far. I also had to take radiation for the cancer in my rt femur-that has been worse than the chemo! Hope we both survive this stuff for many years to come!!